Sunday, October 4, 2015

TrueSkill Ratings Description

Implementation of TrueSkill Algorithm applied to team sports.

Follows model as described in paper by Ralf Herbrich, Tom Minka, and Thore Graepel, TrueSkill(TM): A Bayesian Skill Rating System

Lame description for now...
• Uses same matchup constants as XBox Live ratings
• Only considers two teams in a head-to-head (1v1) situation
• Draw formulas are used when final score differential is less than 8
• Ratings are conservative and computed just like XBox Live which is: mu - 3*sigma
• Sequential math based on prior weeks' rating, only looks at win/losses, and intent is retrodictive (Seq/Win/Ret)

Special thanks to:
Kenneth Massey for hosting the Ranking Comparison website…
David Wilson for providing system descriptions…
Peter Wolfe for providing game score data…

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